Monday’s Mommy Tips – Discipline

Recently a mommy friend of mine was talking about when to start discipline. This is what she said:

My Mom said to start disciplining as soon as I think R can comprehend. A few months ago, he started acting up while I was feeding him, swatting the spoon away, trying to grab the bowl, etc … I had enough! Took everything away, told him what he did was wrong, my husband and I gave him the silent treatment for 5 mins while he sat in his chair. And now, feedings are a breeze! He learned.

Our TV stand is low, open slots for the devices. R will not go near it. Its like there’s an invisible line. It took us awhile to train him but he learned.

So, don’t be afraid to start with discipline early! Her son is still less than a year old, so he was probably 6 months or so when the high chair/food incident happened.

We haven’t had to discipline Madeleine at all. She’s still too young to really do anything which requires it. But it’s good to know that when she does, it won’t be too soon to teach her consequences.



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2 responses to “Monday’s Mommy Tips – Discipline

  1. Jo

    Aiden started timeouts pretty early as well. We also use the phrases ‘make a good choice’ and praise of ‘good decision!’ a lot with him when he does something well or when he chooses to do what is asked of him versus doing the bad thing we asked him not to do. He looks so proud when he hears ‘good decision’ 🙂 It’s adorable.

  2. grandma

    Ah geez… she needs to come visit grandma. Hasn’t done anything wrong yet but still you plan ahead. Makes me think you are a mother or something! Please send her to me so I may spoil her!! xo xo grandma!!

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