A new hat!

Madeleine loves her daddy. She also loves her daddy’s hat! He wears his booney cover at his computer because the sun gets in his eyes otherwise since I’ve been a slacker about getting window coverings for windows which don’t require them. The window that shines into our loft isn’t one which people can easily see through so I haven’t been worried about it. In any case, the sun comes right through it and makes it hard for him to see his computer screen, so he wears this at.

Madeleine has reached an age where what other people have is very interesting to her. Thus her fascination with the cats and their fur and now with daddy’s hat. The other day, Alex was rocking her to sleep for nap time and I peered in and saw this:




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3 responses to “A new hat!

  1. Jo

    Ok that is flippin’ adorable! They’ll both love that one for years to come.

  2. grandma

    I don’t know, you sure he isn’t trying to indoctrinate her to a military leaning? But really, very very cute!

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