Happy 5 Month Birthday!!

5 Months Old!

Our baby girl is  5 months old! My goodness!! The last time she was at the doctor was a couple of weeks ago and she weighed 11 lbs 14 oz, so I’m sure she’s well over 12 lbs at this point. Her 5 month photo is to the right. You can find other monthly photos by clicking here.

What happened this month? A very tired mommy. Ha! I haven’t posted nearly as many updates as I normally do, because I’ve been busy with everything related to baby feeding/sleeping. I finally gave up on the pumping and Fenugreek to try to get my supply up because it just wasn’t working at all, so I have received a prescription for Domperidone from my OBGYN and am really hoping that works.

  • Madeleine is much more chatty and giggly than ever before! She talks to us all the time. 🙂
  • She is very aware of things around her now. She’s fascinated by all things that move. All things that are bright or shiny.  All things that make noise.
  • She still loves playing with her daddy and still loves the airplane game.
  • Madeleine has been making all sorts of friends at mommy group!
  • She started regularly rolling from her front to back, and on occasion she will make it from her back to front – and then again quickly back onto her back once she realizes she doesn’t like being on her tummy LOL
  • She has been practicing sitting in her high chair when I need to cook or do dishes or clean bottles or whatever. She actually tolerates it for a fair amount of time, which is good. It’s nice that she’s at an age where she’s able to entertain herself for short bits.
  • She gets baths every other night to wash her hair and scrub her down.
  • She has not yet started solid foods, but we will start her on rice cereal in a couple of weeks – about a week before her 6 month doctor appointment.
  • Just around her 4 month birthday, her grandparents came to visit her (Alex’s parents). I’ll include photos from that adventure later in this post.
  • She just, in the last couple of days, has gotten big enough to use the exersaucer that Jo loaned to us. Her feet don’t touch the bottom yet, but she can hold her upper body up well enough to play for a while. 🙂 And she really seems to love it! I’ve got video and pictures of this, which will be included in another post.
  • We’ve started using baby carriers/baby wearing quite a bit more and she loves going for walks where she can sit up and look all around. I have not yet transitioned her to just sitting in the stroller (rather than in the car seat in the stroller) because I like to be able to see her when we’re out for walks.
  • Her fascination with the cats is highly amusing. She squeals at them and just loves being able to pet them. The look of sheer excitement and awe is both adorable and hilarious all at the same time.
  • I think she’s starting to almost outgrow her activity gyms. 😦 She still plays with them, but doesn’t seem nearly as fascinated now that she has experienced the exersaucer.
  • Madeleine’s getting great at her motor skills and will look at something and then focus on getting her hands around it to grab it and hold it. 🙂
  • She does still use the bouncy chair regularly, especially if I need to change or take a shower or do anything else bathroom related. I pretty much keep it in the bathroom for that reason.
  • She still sucks on her hands, but the thumb makes it into her mouth more often than not these days. She’s sort of stopped doing the middle/ring finger sucking she had been doing.

And now, for more pictures!

Seriously, could they be any more adorable together?

Happy 5 Month Birthday, baby girl!!

**and psssst!! It’s my mommy’s birthday today, too** 🙂


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  1. Jo

    She is just adorable! I know I say that almost every post – but she sooo is! 🙂 I think we packed Aiden’s play mat away around 6ish months – once he started crawling he wasn’t terribly interested anymore. Crazy how fast time flies!

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