Madeleine gifts

Madeleine is one lucky girl!! She has people who adore her who also like to make her presents! 🙂

B and D showing M her new snuggly!

Her first gift was from B, who was  testing out her new sewing machine and made Madeleine a very adorable little snuggly!!

Madeleine took to it immediately and thinks it’s very fun! She started pulling on the little ribbon tabs right when it was given to her.  She loves it!

This now is a must have for us in the car. I think it may be her new comfort item, as I often see her looking at it in deep concentration while I’m driving. 🙂  It’s very cute. Thanks B!!

Here are more photos from our lunch where Madeleine was playing:

I ❤ B and D! They're so fun!

And this one is hilarious because she's making such a funny face. LOL!

What is this?? This looks like it could be fun...

Her second gift of the day arrived in the mail from our friend Kelly! Yes, it arrived on the same day! It’s as if it was a planned present day, even though it wasn’t. LOL

Don't I look cuuutteee?

Kelly crocheted an adorable little hat for Madeleine. (shown to the right)

It’s a tad bit big for her right now, which is perfect. It’ll give her some room to grow. But she  looks so dang cute in it!! 😀

Thanks girls!! We feel very loved. 🙂


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