Monday’s Mommy Tips – Baby foods!

I know that grocery stores sell pre-made baby foods, and that may be easier, to just open up a little jar.  But you can also make your own and save a fair chunk of change doing it.

All you need is a food processor that will puree the food until it is a smooth, pasty consistency.  Then you can take whatever food you are feeding your little one and spoon-feed them.

Our doctor recommended starting with things that are grains (ie: rice cereal) or veggies and add fruits later. He also suggested waiting 3 days between introduction of new foods so that if there is a reaction, you know which food it was.  But once you’ve introduced something successfully, you can mix and match however you want.

I even know some moms, who eventually (once the baby has been exposed to all the ingredients) puree whatever they are eating as a family, like spaghetti and other pastas.

Have fun feeding your little ones! 🙂 I can’t wait until we can introduce food to Madeleine.


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