Food for baby?

As posted about in this post, Madeleine’s weight gain was on track with the formula supplementation. Hooray!

However, my milk supply was just getting worse and worse as Madeleine would not try as hard  since she knew how easy a bottle was. I couldn’t pump as often as necessary because of constant bottle washing, baby feeding, etc. I was frustrated and sad at the thought of the end of breast feeding.  Finally I gave up my pride thinking I could get my milk back myself and called my OBGYN.  I asked if they are willing  to prescribe lactation medication and they referred me to the family maternity center to speak to a lactation consultant. The nurse told me that they defer to the LC’s and will prescribe the medication if it’s recommended.

So, I called. And they definitely agreed that after more than a month that it was time. There are two options: Reglan and Domperidone. I knew when I called that I wanted the Dom, because the side effects are pretty much non-existent and the side effects of Reglan are nasty and it’s considered less safe for baby than the Dom to take while breast feeding. The LC said she would definitely recommend the Dom for me, but wasn’t sure if my doctor would prescribe it since it lost it’s FDA approval. If you want to read more about that, you can read here. However, my doctor was willing to prescribe it!

So, about two weeks ago it arrived (the only pharmacy who dispenses it in the area also does free mail delivery! Woohoo!) and I began taking it. I slowly started noticing Madeleine staying at the breast longer before pulling off and wanting a bottle. Until the last couple of days.  In the last couple of days she’s been good with just breast feeding! Her bowel movements are back to the runny breast milk poop, which consequently means more blowouts, but that’s ok!

I’m so glad that we can continue breast feeding for a while longer. My goal is to continue until she’s 1 and then start to wean.



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3 responses to “Food for baby?

  1. bri

    thats good news! for baby and for you!

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