First ‘real’ food?

Madeleine recently had her first ‘real’ food! You know, something other than breast milk or formula. Fed to her on a spoon. From a bowl.

Alex and I have been anxious to give her her first taste of rice cereal and about a week and a half ago we did! (on the 23rd of March)

We're ready to eat!


Nooo! *spit*

And since mommy couldn’t get her to eat, daddy took over. He thought that the airplane spoon game would work. HA! Baby had news for him!

Why? What? Why is this in my mouth? And what on earth is it?

Daddy! You're being entertaining...but I really don't know about this stuff.

Ok, really, I'm done! *waaahhhh*

She’s done better since then, she seems to be getting the hang of swallowing rather than just spitting it back out. And she doesn’t make quite the horrified faces anymore that she made in these photos. Instead she’ll even open her mouth for me to spoon the food in – sometimes. 🙂 I figure in a couple of days she’ll get to try a new food. We were thinking carrots.



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4 responses to “First ‘real’ food?

  1. grandma

    she is so expressive! and right, plain rice cereal just doesn’t taste that good. try squash too sometime- or sweet potatos, you liked that. Kiss baby for us.

  2. Rose

    Oh my goodness she’s so funny! My kids didn’t really like plain rice cereal either. I mixed a little bit of mashed pears and they LOVED it. 🙂 I hope she gets the hang of it soon, but those faces are so funny!

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