Madeleine’s Doctor Visit

We’re back! And first of all: Everything is just fine!!! YAY!

Now, for the details. We did a quick weight check keeping her clothes on. She weighed 14lbs 11ozs!!! So that’s up somewhere around 3 lbs in a month. Good job, baby girl! And mama was relieved that she is still gaining well since switching back to breast feeding exclusively. The doctor even said “Liquid Gold, you’ve got! Keep going!” 🙂

The doctor also said that her breathing is fine. It’s likely due to a little cold bug or something similar and the breathing is just a sign of congestion. He also said that with all the extra saliva, that they often see breathing like this around this age – even when it’d cleared up from her newborn months. He listened to her lungs and they were clear. He watched her breath and she isn’t struggling to breath at all, it just makes a funny noise. So he was not concerned at all.

He did emulate what it’d sound like if it truly was raggedy breathing and there was something to be concerned about. So now we know. 😀

YAYAYAY! 🙂 He also gave her the “Cutie of the Afternoon” award for being so darling and squeal-y for him. haha!

Yup, definitely a cutie!! (but I think she's cutest of all, not just the afternoon hehe!)


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