Portfolio – check!

Last week I managed to score myself an interview with a local residential remodeling company. The job position would be as an interior designer – mainly doing kitchens and baths. ๐Ÿ™‚ While I’d never thought my career would take me to residential design because a lot of it is just ‘decorating’, kitchens and baths I can see being interesting and challenging and definitely requires more brain power than just picking some curtains. But here’s the best part: it would eventually morph into a sales/design job! YAY! My dream combination!!

My interview is tomorrow, which meant that this weekend I had to get off my bum and actually put my portfolio together from all the work I did at my previous employer. I headed to Paperhaus in downtown Seattle, which is the only local store that actually carries hard bound portfolio bindings, to pick up an 11×17 cover. Then it was time to send all the files to FedEx Office. That’s right folks, they’ve officially dropped the “Kinko’s” name. *cry* It has never been ย the same since FedEx took over, but they’re open 24 hours and it was my best option. I also had to upload and send a bunch of photos of completed jobs to Walgreens for my ‘finished product’ portfolio.

So after hours of running around, way too many dollars, uploading and hole punching – here it is. The document(s) that will hopefully score me my next gig.

Cover page




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2 responses to “Portfolio – check!

  1. acesmommy

    Very exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rose

    Good luck! It looks really great!!

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