A new sleeping position

Madeleine has been rolling for quite some time, but only recently started rolling regularly. And as mentioned previously, when sleeping she tends to kick her feet/legs up into the air and roll to her side. This happens almost immediately upon being put down in the crib, whether she’s fully asleep or even just drowsy but slightly awake still.

Well, today when laying her down for nap and bed time she would not calm down enough while I was rocking her, so I laid her down awake a couple of times.  Once for a nap this morning and once at bed time tonight, and she kept rolling onto her tummy! Which was then followed quickly by out and out screaming. Blood curdling, you’d think someone was hurting her, screaming. So each time I went in and there she was, on her tummy again. This evening, after some soothing from mama and some more rocking, she proceeded to do it two more times before finally falling asleep while rocking. Rolling has certainly made our CIO approach rather difficult. I don’t understand why she doesn’t just roll back onto her back. She certainly had the room to do so this evening.

So tonight, as I was about to go to bed I decided to check in on her. Imagine my shock and surprise when I crept in to find this:

Ok, first of all, that is just darling. But second, what on earth? I’m surprised she didn’t wake herself up and start crying. Haha! She didn’t even stir when I took that photo, which she normally does if I take a picture of her while she’s sleeping. The flash usually does it.

But now the dilemma. Do I roll her back onto her back because of the warnings about SIDS? Or do I leave her be?



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3 responses to “A new sleeping position

  1. Jo

    Oh she’s so sweet! Our doctor said once they can easily lift their head and they put themselves on their tummy AND can just as easily roll back that it is ok for them to sleep on it – just don’t keep any loose blankets, animals etc (which you clearly have none of) around. But I understand the nerves of it. Just go with your instincts. 🙂

  2. grandma

    that’s the sweetest little baby ever! And I agree with Jo, if she can roll over, she will be ok.

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