Peas and Carrots

Madeleine recently got to start eating solid foods. It’s been slow progress, because she really didn’t seem like she was ready at first, so we took some time off. But we’ve been back at it for the last week or so and she really seems to be getting it. She still doesn’t understand that she needs to open her mouth wide for me to feed her with the spoon, so I often have to trick her into opening her mouth by shaking a toy or doing something I know makes her grin really big.

We have tried carrots and today, she got to try peas! Whenever I introduce a new food to her, she initially makes the same horrified face that she made when we first gave her rice cereal, but after a bite or two she  realizes it isn’t so bad and starts working it through her mouth trying to swallow it. We’re still at the stage where about half of it ends up dribbling down her chin because she doesn’t quite have the right swallowing technique down yet, but she is starting to understand better. 😀

I am working on upping the volume of solid food that she receives, so I try to get two ‘meals’ in per day and I feed her until she’s had enough and refuses to eat any more. Right now it’s not that much, mainly because it takes me so long to get her to open her mouth each time that she’s had enough of sitting in her high chair before she’s actually full, but she’s doing a good job! She’ll get better as time goes on. 🙂


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