Baby Smash!

Babysmash is a free online download that allows your baby to play with the computer. Alex managed to find this game as a way to play with Madeleine on the computer.

She loves it! In fact, she loves it so much that now whenever I am holding her and sit down at the computer to do anything real quick, she lunges forward and tries to smash the key board. My husband has taught her naughty things!

Baby Smashing!

But I must admit, it is really quite cute. The program locks your computer so that your baby can’t accidentally shut it down with their smashing.

Then, when they smash on different keys, colored letters and shapes pop up all over the screen corresponding to which keys they’re hitting. 😀 So, if you have a little one and want to get a giggle or two, try this game.  However, you can’t say I didn’t warn you! They will be obsessed with the keyboard after that!



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