Monday’s Mommy Tips – Follow your gut

There have been a number of times where I felt that something wasn’t right as a new mommy. And yet I dismissed this gut feeling because I was told that I was over-worrying or that nothing was wrong or that I was being paranoid.

I think as moms, we know our babies the best out of anyone. And if we have a feeling that something is wrong, we need to listen to that. Usually, it’s right. I had this feeling when she wasn’t getting enough to eat, but dismissed it after being told she was perfectly weight-wise. I had this feeling when she wasn’t sleeping well and then found out that her lack of sleep was making her sleep even worse.

So, even if you feel like you’re calling for every  little thing, CALL the doctor if you’re concerned. That’s what they’re there for. Not only will it hopefully catch something wrong before it gets bad, but you’ll feel far less guilty than if you keep telling yourself that everything is fine only to find out it’s not.


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