More eating news

We have made progress in the world of eating with Madeleine. 🙂 Previously I mentioned that she had started solids and we’d worked up to peas and carrots. Well, now we’ve tried sweet potatoes! This is the first food she didn’t make a horrified face about when I gave it to her for the first time. Progress!

Also, I mentioned that she was not quite understanding that she needed to open her mouth for the spoon. Well, last night she did for the first time! Repeatedly! She’s not a huge fan of sitting in her high chair, so she gets rather grumpy just sitting there having a spoon come at her. How do we solve this? Mommy sings her the ABC’s. Over and over and over again. Haha! When I do that, she watches me and opens her mouth when the spoon touches it. 😀

Tonight on the menu for dinner? Carrots and Sweet Potatoes – separately, of course – and she gobbled them right down!


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