Misc. Madeleine Fun

A few things that have happened with Madeleine don’t necessarily require their own post, so I figured I’d put them all into one.

The first was with daddy. We accompanied him to Evergreen Surgical Center to have a cortisone injection because they use anesthetic, which requires him to have a ride home. While we were waiting for the nurse to call us back, Alex and baby were playing and she was looking out the window at the cars passing by when daddy started whispering to her. How fun! She immediately got still and listened and this adorable little smile spread across her face. 🙂 She likes having little secrets with her daddy!!

The second photo was taken sitting with me on the couch while practicing her sitting.

Now, before you freak out, my legs are positioned in such a way that she can’t fall off the couch, and I have one hand ready to catch her so she doesn’t even have the option to fall. She’s actually gotten quite good at sitting un-assisted for about 30 seconds or so. 🙂

Alex worked with her on this for a while and she’s gotten so much better! She is still a bit unsteady, but that will get better and better with time. She does lunge forward from a sitting position to try to get things she wants, which is one of the so-called signs that she’s getting ready to start crawling, too.

This little girl is the queen of finding bizarre ways to sleep. 😛 Tonight when I went in to check on her before I headed to bed, this is what I found. One arm behind the head, legs trying to flop over.

This changed from earlier in the night when she’d been completely on her side and near the crib rails. She must have wanted more room for her sprawling needs. Haha

In good sleeping news, she’s been sleeping straight through from 7:30pm until 6-ish am pretty regularly for the last few nights, which makes for a happy mama. She doesn’t roll to her tummy quite as often, either. But tonight I put her down awake in an attempt to transition from nursing to sleep to nursing, waking and then putting her down awake to nursing, reading a book, going down awake so she has that break between nursing and sleeping. In any case, she went down awake, but drowsy and there was no crying! WOOHOO!!


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