Window – er…screen? – shopping

This afternoon I spent some time perusing etsy. Love etsy. I came across some things I love. Beautiful, hand crafted, creative things. Again. Love.

Copper loveliness

The first is a bookmark from Monique Leon. Made of copper and just perfect for keeping your place in your favorite-read-of-the-moment, this bookmark is simple, durable and won’t damage the pages of your books. She has the same style bookmark made of sterling silver, but something in me just loves the old-world vibe I get from the copper version.

Baby Teether

Next we have the baby teether from Little Alouette. This particular one is so modern and made of Cherry. But she has tons of options on her site, that are different shapes, animals, etc. In fact, I wonder if this is where B bought Madeleine her teether. We have one much like these that is a little bird and Madeleine loves it. Not necessarily for teething..yet..but she loves gripping it in her little hand and waving it around. Hehe!

Daisy photo

Then there is the photography of Alice B Gardens. Her stuff is all vintage-y looking and reminds me of a small costal town with lots of antique shops, ice cream parlors, flower pots and walks on the beach. In essense, it reminds me of my childhood down on the coast of Washington. That and she also clearly loves daisies in their simplicity, which I do, too.

Handblown Glass Vase

A glass vase. But any ordinary glass vase. A one of a kind, hand blown, beautiful glass vase. Made by Wolf Art Glass out of Austin, Texas. Beautiful, one of a kind work. I want that vase. But for now, I just admire from afar – behind my screen.

Silver Key Chain "Every Day I Love You"

And finally, from Moonlight Doodles the above key chain. I LOVE it. How cute is that? **sigh**

I need to stop perusing Etsy, or I may just go on a spree, and that would be bad. Naughty me! But seriously, could you blame me?


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