Happy 6 Month Birthday!!

6 Months Old!

It’s official, our baby girl is 6 months old. How insane is that? A half of a year has zoomed right on by. I am so thankful I have been able to spend this precious time at home with our baby girl, even if it wasn’t intended to be this way. I have had so much fun watching her grow and change. Seeing her personality develop and emerge has been very exciting and she is such a joy!

On April 13th we had her 6 month doctor’s visit, and she did great!! She was 14lbs 12.5oz, which puts her in the 50th percentile for weight again. YAY! She had grown a total of 3 inches in length, so she is now 26.5 inches long an is in the 75% for length! These were stats that had taken a serious dive at the 4 month doctor’s visit and both the doctor and I were very pleased at her progress.  She has gained 4lbs and 13oz in 2 months!

Other noteworthy findings at her doctor’s appointment:

He said that she vocalizes very well and is quite the social creature. She squealed and “talked” with him throughout nearly the entire visit. She even made him laugh at certain points because she squealed so loud. hehe!

She is sitting/trying to sit unassisted and is right on track. He said the difference between a 4 month old sitting and a 6 month old is that a 4 month old will just tip straight over when she is left to sit by herself and a 6 month old tries to balance herself before tipping over.

He said that her tummy sleeping is fine since she rolls herself onto her tummy and that he isn’t concerned with her lack of  rolling back onto her back. He said that most kids/babies don’t grow in a straight growth line, that there are always small little setbacks. That made me feel a lot better.

As for solid foods, he is happy to hear that she’s working on solids. He said that once she gets the hang of the spoon eating, that it will be important to start introducing texture. So over-cooked broccoli, or beans, or sweet potato. Anything that turns to mush when she rolls it around between her tongue and gums. Once I stop needing to sing her the ABC’s to get her to open up for spoon-feeding, we’ll work on that. 😀

For sleeping, he recommended Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child again. I use it as a reference guide when I have questions, so I have been reading up on 5-8 month old schedules and am adjusting her sleep schedule accordingly. But overall, her sleep is going very well.

He did mention putting her down awake so she learns to self-soothe. We already did that about half of the time, but I am trying to do it more. I love rocking her to sleep though. It’s one of the few times she’ll really snuggle. He also said to stop feeding her to sleep, because the time between 6-9 months is when they develop a dependence on it and think they need to be nursed to sleep.

She got her 6 month vaccinations, which made her feel pretty miserable for a day or two. 😦 Fever and upset-ness. It was quite sad, actually, because she’d wake up from her nap and not be the happy cheery girl she normally is. She’d just cry until her next dose of Tylenol kicked in.

And finally, he mentioned that between6-12 months, babies suffer from separation and stranger anxiety.  Just as fair warning, if we’re visiting or spending time with you and she starts to cry when she’s not held by mommy or daddy, please let her come back to us. We’ve already seen touches of this with visiting/being held by with people other than us and I just feel it’s unfair to force people upon her if it makes her upset. Our doctor said it’d only get worse over the next several months. Please don’t take it personally…it’s a phase and will pass. 😉

What else has happened this month? It seems like a ton!

  • Madeleine learned to play in the exersaucer and loves it! She often hangs out in there when I’m eating or doing things around the house really quick.
  • She is also back to  exclusive breast-feeding, except for the solid foods we’re working on, which I am so happy about. I’ve uploaded a cutie little video here.
  • She has now tried peas, carrots and sweet potatoes. I’m thinking tomorrow or the next day she’ll be trying sweet potatoes and corn.
  • I have started her working on the sippy cup with water, now that the doctor has approved water.  She doesn’t love it, but we’re working on it slowly but surely.  Seems to me she’s a baby who’d nurse forever if she could.
  • Madeleine has learned to roll onto her tummy in her crib, which then seemed to cause a regression in rolling so that she no longer rolls from front to back, but still rolls from back to front. Since her tummy rolling started, she now does it less frequently in her crib and is usually on her side when I go in there. This makes me much less nervous!
  • Baby Smash is a new favorite game for her.
  • She has taken to squealing up a storm and squeals/screams like crazy most of the time. LOL! This was another development check-point that the doctor was glad to see. It doesn’t come across as well on video, but here ya go.
  • The doctor is very pleased that she can now sit almost unassisted.
  • She can also take a toy and transfer it from one hand to the other and seems obsessed with what her hands  can do these days. I often times find her with her hand outstretched in front of her where she’s rotating her hand and just staring at it. Ahhh the magic of the wrist! hehe!
  • Reading has become a squeal-able activity. She pants and lunges for the pages while squealing as well. In fact, she gets very upset when it’s a book that she can’t grab the pages.  i.e. the books that have paper pages and not cardboard pages. We may have to put the more delicate books away for a bit. She got rather grumpy about this tonight.
  • She is grabbing at everything. All the time. To the point that I think I am missing some hair on the lower right side of the back of my head. LOL! She loves to pull on the hairs there. Ouch!
  • Madeleine loves the outdoors and loves to hang out in her exersaucer at the back door while looking outside and grabbing at toys at the same time. 😀 She also loves her walks, and just today I took a blanket and some toys out to the back yard and we hung out on the grass for about 20 minutes. She loved feeling grass for the first time!!
  • She is getting close to outgrowing her 3-6 month clothes.  Some still fit fine in length, but are getting too tight around the waist,  like most of her pants. The jammies are starting to get a little short though. So I’m sure we’ll be moving into the 6-9 month clothes here shortly. I am sooo glad she is growing so well! Having things be too tight around her waist was never a problem we had until now. YIPPEEE!  However, it is a shame she didn’t get more use out of this size. We have a bajillion outfits in the 3-6 month size range.
  • I think she is starting to outgrow the bouncy chair.  She is getting  too long and kicks the hard plastic part when she kicks. So, I’ll need to find another something to keep her in when I need to take a shower.
  • Speaking of shower, she does seem to be displaying some signs of separation anxiety, as she cries when mommy disappears behind that shower curtain. 😦 Unless I sing to her while I shower.  So, I do.
  • Madeleine seems obsessed with tags on things. Tags on toys, tags on blankets, tags. She loves them more than she seems to love the toy itself.
  • Madeleine also reaches for people. When one of us is holding her, and she wants the other, she reaches for them. 🙂 This is so sweet and when she reaches for me, my heart just fills up.
  • Her hair is growing back. The bald spot on the back of her head is slowly filling in and she’s no longer got the funny “old man” hairline happening. 🙂
  • Madeleine is trying to figure out crawling. She can manage to scoot herself just a bit, but not much. And by a bit, I mean maybe an inch. Then, mid-crawling-struggle she leans to her left side, lifts her right side up and throws her right arm in the air and just hangs there for a few seconds. It is so silly! There is a video of her crawling antics here.

Overall, she is a happy, healthy, growing baby. Soaking up the world around her. Whenever people meet her they always comment on a couple of things. Her big blue eyes and how happy she is. 😀

So, now for pictures!

Reading time with daddy

Her new favorite toy is a Powerbar wrapper!

Beautiful baby blues!

Tag Obsession!

Can I crawl? I'm trying to figure it out!

Yes! I'm ready to go to Hawaii!!!

Exersaucer play time!

Sippy cup

Gumming on her toy!

She fell asleep while I was nursing her. So sweet!


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One response to “Happy 6 Month Birthday!!

  1. grandma

    The photos, videos, stories are priceless! Maddy has grown so much in 6 months. And just think how much her mom has learned! But I have to tell you, she doesn’t look happy eating those peas. I think she wouldn’t smile for fear you would push more peas… it is the first time I have seen her look at you very intently without breaking into a smile! She loves her mom and dad! xo xo mom

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