Monday’s Mommy Tips – Do it your way

The thing about being a parent is that we all have our own philosophies. We all read books, talk to parents and friends and observe other parents. From that we derive our beliefs and thoughts on how children should be raised. The fantastic thing about being a parent is that there are a number of ways you can parent, and there are quite a few ways you can do things and still be ‘doing it right’.

Obviously you shouldn’t neglect your children or beat them or do drugs around them. Clearly they need discipline and boundaries. They need proper nutrition, clothing and a roof over their heads. But there are so many things in between that you can affect. Don’t let someone make you feel bad simply because they do things differently. You know what’s best for your child because you know your child best.

I’ve got friends with kids and we don’t always have the same philosophies, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t support each other in our parenting dilemmas.  Follow your instincts when setting boundaries and rules for your child, and support those around you as they do the same – regardless whether their philosophies are the same as yours. Nothing is more obnoxious than berating your friends for how they parent.


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