My Predictions

A friend recently asked me what I see for Madeleine as far as personality in the future goes. This made me start thinking, and the following are my predictions.

1) I see her being a social butterfly. She loves eye contact, loves being around new people and especially loves other babies. I think she’ll have lots of friends and will be very outgoing socially.

2) I think she will enjoy reading. She gets so very excited when we read to her, I’m sure reading will be a joy for her!

3) I think she’s going to love the outdoor activities. Biking, hiking, kayaking, etc. Being outside – her mouth is open nearly the entire time and she loves to look at everything. She really seems to love nature.

4) I think she’s going to have a sunny disposition. She is so happy – all the time. Always smiling, giggling, squealing.

5) Thanks to her daddy’s obsession, I think she will enjoy playing computer games as well. She is already obsessed with baby smash and seems to want to grab anything electronic that’s nearby. The laptop, my cell phone, the TV remotes.

6) I think she will be smart and enjoy learning.  She is so  inquisitive – which I’m sure is just part of being a baby – but I just get that feeling about her. I can always see the wheels turning in her little mind.

7) I think she is going to be a bundle of energy and go-go-go. She was a super-kicker while I was pregnant, she now flails her limbs around all the time. Rolling from front, to back, to back, to front. Repeat numerous times. She gets frustrated when she has to sit still and is constantly lunging toward things she wants. Once she can move, she’s going to be all over the place!

So there you have it! A few predictions from me. We’ll see if they hold true. 🙂


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