Mommy Group…again

This week we had another installment of Mommy Group at the home of one of the other moms from our birthing class group. 😀 I really enjoy getting out for this mom and baby time with other moms of kiddos around the same age as Madeleine.

Of course, right as we got there and I took M out of her car seat, I noticed she was stinky. She pooped through her cute outfit I had her in! So, please excuse the not-quite-big-enough jammies that she’s wearing. I haven’t checked the outfit in her diaper bag in a while. Whoops!

This time, Ender and Kevin were there! 🙂 So, below I have some of my favorite photos that Kevin’s mommy took. Enjoy!

Happy Boys!

Checkin' each other out

All three babies...Madeleine's on the right.

Ender was trying to get Madeleine haha!!

And a budding romance began..."hey, hey! Look at me!!"

Woohoo!! He's looking at me!!

Almost. Holding. Hands. 😀 They were actually holding hands for a bit!

And then it appeared that Kevin was quite taken with her. He even started caressing her cheek! LOL

What a cutie!

We had a great time!! Thanks to Helen for hosting again. 🙂


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