Horrifying baby…

Yes, that’s right. It seems this new solid food thing never ceases to amaze her.  She’s been making progress by leaps and bounds.

Previously, I had to trick her into opening her mouth by doing things  that I knew made her grin or giggle. Then I had to sing the ABC’s to her to get her to eat willingly. However, now she’s gotten quite good at just chowing down as soon as she sits in her high chair and sees the bowl and spoon. 😀 She seems to genuinely enjoy eating this way now.

For breakfast she gets rice cereal with some pears mixed in. That’s right, she’s willingly eating her rice cereal! And if you’ll notice, pears are a new food. We just introduced them in the last few days. For lunch/dinner she either has peas, sweet potatoes or carrots, or any combination of two of them.

Now that she’s getting so good at the spoon, I  figured it was a good time to introduce some textures. The doctor suggested doing this between 6 and 9 months and I wanted to try making some food for her myself. I bought some baby carrots at Trader Joe’s this week and cooked them until they were mushy. Then I took my Magic Bullet and blended them to the point where it was a chunky paste. And for dinner, I gave her a good bit of them, which leads me to the title of this post. After several days of her being un-horrified with my feeding her solids, we were back at horrifying her today with the texture of the carrots. Haha! She made the most disgusted face and looked at me like “Mom, what. On. Earth???” 😀

By the end of dinner, she was getting used to it, but not after lots of laughing from me! Which in turn made her grin and laugh back at me. The faces she makes while trying to figure out this eating thing are so hilarious! Sorry for the lack of photos. It’s tough for me to feed her and snap pictures at the same time.


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