Sunshine baby!

I noticed that Madeleine has been whipping her head from side to side when riding in the car on sunny days in an attempt to avoid getting the sun in her eyes as it filters through the rear window. My poor baby! I have been on the hunt for some good baby sunglasses ever since. Not the kind that are just miniature adult sunglasses, but the kind with the adjustable elastic strap around the head so they won’t come off. And not the kind that are just tinted lenses. These sunglasses provide protection against the sun’s harmful rays that can do damage to little baby/kid eyes.

I visit a daily “steal” website where they put products up for significantly reduced prices, so I got this adorable little combo pack for half off. It came with a sun hat (with protection equal to 50+) and the sunglasses and she is now our little sunshine baby! So darn cute. 🙂

They are both from Baby Banz and while she didn’t like them at first, after wearing them several times now, she has gotten the hang of it. The hat is still a little bit large on her, but should be perfect once summer rolls around. It’s adjustable as well, with a little velcro sizer in the back.  We’ve already gotten lots of use out of them while out on our walks!

Not to mention, we’ve had to start putting her sun screen on her every time we take a walk after she had a little “pink cheeks” incident after a walk when I didn’t realize she could get burned that quickly. 😦 Bad mommy, I know. She definitely got my fair skin.

Now, isn’t this the most darling thing ever??

Alex snapped that photo as we were leaving on our walk the other day, and I just love it. It’s too bad that the sun turned to rain and hail while we were out, but we live in Seattle. It’s sort of expected, I suppose.


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  1. grandma

    This is just priceless!! She should be a cover girl baby for darlingness.

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