Babbling Baby

We’d been starting to wonder when Madeleine was going to start babbling more regularly. For a while, she had just been squealing and shrieking and no single syllable sounds.

Well, more recently she has started saying “aahnana”. She says it if she’s complaining during floor time. She says it when she’s playing. She’s says it when I’m holding her and walking around. Click here to see a video! Excuse the poor video quality. Cell phones aren’t great for high quality video, unfortunately.

This is her first step on the road to saying real words! It’ll be so fun when she can start talking to us. She’s already getting good at giving us different sounds for different things, so we can read what she wants a bit better than we could when she was a newborn.


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  1. grandma

    I don’t mean to question the “MOTHER” but I don’t think she is saying anannaa. I think she is trying to say grandmagrandmadrandamgrandma. j

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