Happy Mother’s Day!

Mommy and Baby

Today was our very first Mother’s Day as a family with a baby, and overall, it was a pretty good one.  If you’re a mommy out there – Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! 😀

Madeleine and I spent the first part of the day together as just the two of us while daddy slept. She took me out to breakfast (ha!) and even tried to share it with me by tugging on the plate (whoops!). I was almost wearing my breakfast a couple of times. Then we were off to the mall to get a new book for mommy and a little sweater for Madeleine. I rarely go clothes shopping for her, so I splurged a little bit since we don’t have many sweaters in the 6-9 month size. We enjoyed walking around the mall in the sunshine and she was quite cheerful for me.

Mom and dad call this "The Inchworm"

Next stop was at Target. We needed more diapers and wipes and while I was at it I got her some puffs snacks, new sippy cups with softer spouts, some baby-proofing devices and best of all – a new toy for Madeleine! (yes, I realize that it’s mother’s day and I’m celebrating by buying Madeleine a toy, but I guess that’s what happens when you become a mommy.)

It’s by Vtech and is Baby’s First Laptop. She loves it! And thanks to daddy’s Baby Smash game, she is very good at banging on all the keys already. 😀

Upon arrival home, Alex was already awake, so we played with Madeleine with her new toy and practiced scooting some more. Alex read my book (that he’s borrowing) to her in bed. Madeleine was rather fascinated by this version of story time and cuddled up to him. I didn’t pose her in the picture at all, this is just what she did! Cute, huh?

We ordered Pizza, fed baby and now she’s down for the night and we’re relaxing in the living room.  All the phone calls have been made to family, so the rest of the night is just for Alex to rub my feet and tell me how wonderful I am. (hahahaha!)

More reading with dad before bed



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2 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. grandma

    I think Alex is teaching her how to be a good student! Look at how intently she is studying the book in the last picture. j

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