Monday’s Mommy Tips – Maintain “you”

Being a new parent, it’s so easy to let being a mommy consume your entire identity. This is something I have definitely noticed since I am not working right now. But remember – there is more to you than just being a mom. Think about what you were like before!

Go out with your girlfriends and try to talk about things other than just your kids. Go on a date night with your husband and talk about things other than the baby. Maintain hobbies you loved before being a mommy. You are not going to have as much time to devote to it, but schedule in some time each week for “you”.

For me, this is photography. Of course, a ton of the photos taken these days are of Madeleine, but I just recently started taking some more nature shots. And I’d wanted to get better at portrait photography, anyway.

So, maintain ‘you’. Stay true to  yourself and your kids will grow up realizing that they have a mommy who has more in her life than just being a mommy. They’ll see that having hobbies is important, maintaining relationships is important and getting out of the house is important.


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