More meal time antics

About a week ago, Madeleine had prunes for the first time.  It’s important to know that the first few bites at any meal time, she tends to be a bit leery about. So while feeding her the pureed prunes, she kept turning her head. Then, I got a bite in there, but she spat some of it back out. Note: the following photo was not staged in the slightest, this is just what had happened while I was trying to feed her. LOL! It was so classic, I had to take a photo.

Eating prunes gave me facial hair!!



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3 responses to “More meal time antics

  1. Jo

    Brave lady! I never gave prunes to Aiden – just seemed like a massive messy diaper waiting to happen 🙂

    • thetomlinfamily

      Yeah, I thought about that, but as long as I limit how much she has of the prunes each day, we’re ok. 🙂 Half a serving a day works pretty well to ‘keep things moving’ but to not be a big mess.

  2. grandma

    This is the hardest I have laughed all week-both the picture and the comments! XO XO j

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