Sick baby and Delancy review

Today we faced two major excitements, a sick baby girl and a new restaurant – as in: new to us.

First we’ll tackle the sick baby.

Yesterday Madeleine was strangely fussy and so very very sleepy. She was ready for nap time – and by ready, I mean fussing and making all her tired cues at about an hour and fifteen, an hour and a half of wakefulness.  This is strange because normally she has some squeals to get out and then a little bit of fussing after 2 hours when I lay her down. But she would pass out after less than 5 minutes after I laid her down each time yesterday. Weird. I didn’t know if she was teething or having a growth spurt or maybe just not feeling well.

Just to prove to you that she's not miserably's a photo from this morning's play time.

Turns out, it was the latter.  This morning after her first bout of wakefulness, I went to put her down for her morning nap and she kept making this strange coughing noise. She’d fall asleep and then 10 minutes later she’d wake herself up coughing again. My poor baby! 😦 Not to mention, her normally somewhat leaky eyes have gone into full blown teary waterfall mode. She is constantly losing extra tears out of her eyes. I’m not sure if this is partly due to allergies (I think it is) or if it’s all a part of the sickness, but we have to get a warm washcloth after every nap time and wipe the dried eye goobers away. She hates this.

Luckily, she’s a very mild-tempered baby and seems to be fine in all other ways. She is smiley, giggly, squeal-y, talking, doing tummy/floor time. The only other minor difference is that she’s not tolerating the solid foods for as long as normal, so meal times she is eating a tad less. This evening, however, she keeps waking herself up coughing. About every half hour to an hour. 😦 So, we’ll call the doctor tomorrow just to check and make sure there’s nothing more I should be doing, but we’ll probably just have to ride this out.

Next, Delancy. Last summer, B and D found this little gem and arranged a group gathering for dining at Delancy. I couldn’t go – can’t remember why – but it wouldn’t have done me any good to eat pizza with my lactose intolerance (milk protein intolerance, whatever it was…I have since been informed that lactose intolerance is quite rare. I just know I could have nothing dairy, which was both frustrating and very sad). So the girls went and ate delicious pizza while I stayed home and dreamt of one day enjoying the same.

And today, it arrived! The day I’d been waiting for. 🙂 B and D met me and Madeleine at the restaurant just before 5pm. A line had already begun to form outside the door, so it was good that we arrived early to get a table.

The restaurant was smaller than I would have guessed, seating only about 30 people total. But that is what made it great. A little hidden gem nestled into a residential area of Ballard. It reminded me of some of the fantastic restaurants we ate at in Italy. They were also nestled into the neighborhoods, off the beaten path. But I digress…The food was superb!

We shared 3 different varieties of plate sized pizzas, an appetizer and had a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. 😀 SO good! And while I was full, I wasn’t stuffed to the brim feeling like I over-ate, full. The nice thing about the thin crust pizzas is that you’re not sitting with a stomach filled with dough. Instead you can enjoy the delicious toppings.

Overall, I highly recommend Delancy as a little hide-away t0 venture out with your friends, loved ones or significant other. The service was great, food was delish and the ambiance was so nice. Madeleine did pretty well, too! Despite her refusal to nap the entire time, she had fun and stayed in relatively good spirits. Until the end…and then this happened:

uh oh!!

But once we got in the car and started driving, she conked right out. Exhausted after 5 hours of wakefulness.

Thanks B and D for going out with us! It was great fun!


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One response to “Sick baby and Delancy review

  1. Jo

    I hope M is on the mend!! No fun when they are sick 😦

    My lactose issue developed while I was breastfeeding and I took Lactaid and that helped. Now that I’m no longer breastfeeding – it seems to have gone away. Woohoo! So I suspect it will return next round of breastfeeding, but I’ll at least know that eventually it will go away!

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