Monday’s Mommy Tips – Post-pregnancy clothing

If you’re anything  like me post pregnancy, your clothes don’t fit right. I’ve got this belly that won’t quite go back to where it was and nursing has made my chest about 3x the size it used to be. As one person said recently “Your boob is bigger than her head!” Umm, right. I know.

As a result, my old shirts just don’t fit right. I mean, they fit, but they’re all too short. Because much like when you’re pregnant and have a belly the shirt needs extra length to fit over, when you have nursing boobs, you need extra length of shirt to fit over them. So I have come up with an idea out of sheer necessity.

Maternity shirts! They make plenty of them that are just like normal t-shirts and tank tops; i.e. not super baggy. I bought some at Target because I was sick and tired of pulling on my shirts so that my stomach wasn’t hanging out. Even the shirts/tanks that I have that used to be long-ish are now just barely meeting my pants. So, maternity shirts! Don’t put them all away when you give birth if you have ginormous ta-tas like I do! 😛


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