Happy 7 Month Birthday!!

7 Months

7 Months Old!

Our baby girl turned 7 months old today. I can hardly believe it. On one hand, it seems like yesterday that I was pregnant and begging her to please come on time – which I would like to say, she politely obliged – but then I wonder where the heck 7 months have gone. Although I will say that this last month has gone slower than previous months. Perhaps because so much has happened.

Her 7 month photo is to the right. If that’s not her dad’s neck, I don’t know whose it is. LOL! Previous months can be seen here.

She has been growing so much lately and doing all sorts of firsts, I haven’t been able to keep up posting about all of them, so I will update about everything here. 🙂

To start things off, after her being sick on Sunday and then things being worse Monday morning when she woke up, I called her doctor’s office to find out if I was doing everything I should for her. Because of her eye discharge ‘gluing’ her eyes shut and the amount of discharge from her nose, the doctor wanted to see her. Babies this age can’t tell you if their ears are hurting them, so he felt it was important to be proactive and make sure there was no ear infection. I’m glad for that! Luckily, she is fine. He said her ears looked perfect. And while we were there, he weighed her. With diaper on, she weighed 16 lbs 3.5 oz. Such a big girl!

She even developed her own fun new game at the doctor’s office. She determined that the crinkly paper they use to cover the bench was fun. And crinkly! She also discovered that if you pull the edge of it, it rips. Whaaat? This sure is fun, she thought. And she riped several different places of the paper, even ripping a chunk off at one point. And where did that chunk go? That’s right, you guessed it. Straight into her mouth. LOL!

What else has been happening this month? Lots!

  • The sleeping stuff  from last month; I have officially sleep trained her. She goes down awake every single time these days. In fact, she is so well sleep trained that I can’t nurse her to sleep anymore even if I want to. Unless she’s over tired by a couple of hours – which obviously is not ideal, but has happened a time or two because of appointments or errands. So, we’ve taken care of the sleep training and nursing to sleep issues all at the same time.
  • So far we’ve seen inklings of stranger anxiety. For example, at the teriyaki place the other day the teriyaki woman got in her face trying to be exciting and Madeleine started crying immediately. Scary lady! I don’t blame her!! But other time she just gets upset if someone else is holding her and not her mama or dada.
  • The baby girl has begun babbling and even said her first words! Words I swear she’s imitated are “hi” “mama” and “dada”. Hi comes out more like “hiyeeeeee” haha! But mama and dada were pretty clear. The first time she said dada was on Mother’s day (wrong parent, baby girl!!) and the first time she said mama was just a few days later right before nap time. 😀 Then – yesterday morning she said mama again when Alex was there, so he got to hear it too. Sooo exciting!
  • We have started going to story time at the library every Friday. 🙂 Madeleine was pretty overwhelmed by all the other babies at first, but now she seems more comfortable and was squealing quite a bit last time.
  • We’ve also continued with baby group and have another one scheduled for this weekend. Not sure if we’ll go if Madeleine is still sick.
  • With the solid foods, she is now eating them like a champ! Such a good eater. She’s also graduated to now trying the corn puffs snacks and working on figuring out her sippy cups.
  • Madeleine has graduated to sitting in the big girl seat of her stroller. We’ve now taken many a walk with her this way. 😀
  • Tummy/floor time has helped Madeleine even get good at scooting!! She’s so close to crawling, it is making me anxious to find out when the first time crawling will be.
  • We celebrated our very first Mother’s Day, which was a lot of fun. I love being a mommy and watching our baby girl learn and grow every day. I feel so lucky!
  • We noticed a while back that when Madeleine is feeling the textures of different things, she uses her thumb. That’s right, her thumb. haha! We creatively have named it “thumb touching”.  It is so cute to watch her explore the world with her thumbs.
  • Her sitting skills have improved significantly. Previously she could sit for a couple seconds, but you had to have your hands right there to catch her. Now she can sit unassisted for quite some time. The other day it was at least 20 minutes that we were playing and she didn’t tip over.
  • We read lots of board books before bed now and Madeleine just loves to turn the pages herself. In fact, we’ve stopped reading the paper books for a short while because she gets so upset if she can’t touch and turn the pages herself.
  • The cats are still a constant amusement and when they walk by her she can’t take her eyes off of them. However we are  trying to teach her “gentle” because she thinks grabbing at their fur and tugging is amusing. Which they, of course, do not. Odin tolerates her remarkably well though. Calliope does not. She already has one sibling (Odin) who harasses her on a regular basis and I don’t think she wishes to have another.

So, now that you’ve read through all that, would you like some photos? OK! But just one tonight, because I didn’t get to nap with baby today and I’m exhausted. More photos to come in the near future. 😉

Daddy and Madeleine


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