Monday’s Mommy Tips – Changing Pad Covers

Back when I was shopping for baby gear, I bought a changing pad and changing pad cover. I figured I’d only need one changing pad cover because I’d wash it when it got dirty. Which, I do. However, there are days/weeks when it gets dirty more frequently than I have loads of laundry to wash. Like this week. First it was poop, in the wash it went with other pinks/ reds. Then the same day it came out of the dryer, she peed in the middle of a diaper change.

If I’d had a 2nd one, I could have put that one on and I wouldn’t have to lay her right on the plastic of the changing pad while I wait to have a load of clothes ready to wash the pad cover with. I refuse to run the washer for one thing. In fact, I may just go ahead and order a 2nd changing pad cover because I’m frustrated by this happening.

While it seems redundant to buy two, I am now thinking it’s necessary.



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2 responses to “Monday’s Mommy Tips – Changing Pad Covers

  1. Ann

    You can always put a burp cloth down so she’s not laying on the plastic. I have two changing pad covers but when Leah had reflux, I’d put a burp cloth in the crib, under her head so I wouldn’t have to wash the sheets every time she spit up.

  2. Jo

    We own one of the fitted over the changing pad covers that is cute and plush. That is the ‘base layer’ of the changing pad – then on top of it we put this another waterproof pad that we have 3-4 of. It’s about the same size as the changing pad. That way when Aiden gets it dirty we just toss that one off to the side and pull another one. It doesn’t take up as much space to store as another changing pad, and it has muliple purposes away from the actual changing pad. 🙂 Holds up great in the wash.

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