Baby’s first plane trip!

About a week ago, Madeleine experienced another first. A first that I’d been very nervous for, actually. Her very first trip by plane!!

At the airport with daddy!!

I  packed a very well stocked diaper bag with a blanket, snacks, toys, teethers, pacifiers, books, diapers, etc etc. However all I really needed were diapers, a toy or two and she was great!

She hung out waiting for the plane with us and was in great spirits. Daddy showed her the airplanes out the windows and she played with the zipper on his jacket. All around, she was a very happy traveler!

Once we got on the plane, my camera was in the diaper bag up above us, so I forgot to take any pictures on the plane (bad mommy, I know!) but it was such a jam packed flight, the hassle wasn’t worth it. Every seat was taken. We changed a couple of diapers, had no major blow-outs, Madeleine took a brief nap after almost falling asleep sitting up (haha!) and she loved playing with the little peanut package wrapper. The crinkliness was just oh-so-fun!

With Mommy!

She was actually one of the best behaved babies on the plane, and we were complimented on it by several passengers. As if we did anything or could control it. LOL! She’s just a very good baby. She chit chatted with our neighbors, gave them lots of grins and even played the “raspberry” game, which they found hilarious.

I took a couple of different pacifiers to make sure she’d swallow so her ears wouldn’t hurt, and that resulted in zero screaming from ear pain. 😀  Towards the end of the flight(s) She got a little impatient after 4+ hours of sitting in our laps, but that is totally understandable.

Overall, I had nothing to be nervous about, she was a fantastic traveler! 😀


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One response to “Baby’s first plane trip!

  1. Jo

    Yay!!! Happy travelin’ babies are the best.

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