The zoo? It was a zoo!!

Yes, that’s right. While visiting my parents in Chicago, we took Madeleine to the Brookfield Zoo for her first zoo experience! It was a beautiful day, but so hot! In the 90’s! And because it was a holiday weekend, the zoo was busy busy busy! But we had a lot of fun and Madeleine got to see a lot of animals she has never seen before!

First, it was on to the Carousel! Madeleine rode on an ostrich, however I am not sure how fun she thought it was. Alex said she looked concerned most of the time. However my dad was waiting with the stroller, and as we’d come around, he’d wave and chase us for a bit. She definitely noticed him and kept looking for him, which was really cute. 🙂

With daddy waiting in line!

The three of us onboard

So cute!!

Trying to get a good picture of my mom. See what she does? Naughty!

Then it was on to the bats! It was tough to get Madeleine to notice animals at a distance, but we could always tell once she did. She would all of a sudden stop moving/wiggling and her eyes would get reaaallly big. Inside the ‘bat cave’ there was a fruit bat on display with one of the zoo keepers. Madeleine was able to get really close to it so she noticed it and look at her face!!



Next it was on to see Alex’s spirit animal – aka: the giraffes. LOL! Again, they were close enough that she saw them and got super still with those big eyes.

Look at all those giraffes!

Look how close she got!

She even saw a zebra that was moving around and eating!

The polar bear was playing and jumping around in the pool area. 🙂

Alex, Madeleine, my dad and mom. So cute!

The huuggeee pig at the children's zoo!

After a few hours we were all tired and hot and ready to go. On the car ride home, Madeleine was chugging water after being in that heat for  so long.

Glug glug glug!

We had a lot of fun at the zoo, and while we didn’t see everything (it’s a HUGE zoo!) Madeleine got her first taste of zoo animals, which was great!



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