The Navy Pier

One thing I’d wanted to make sure we saw while on our trip was the Navy Pier in downtown Chicago. 🙂 We didn’t make it down there the last time we were in Chicago, so this time we did!

It was crazy busy that day with end of year field trips and people out and about for the long weekend, but we hit all the major points. First, we ate. After the trip downtown we were all hungry, so we stopped in at this cute Mexican restaurant on the top of the pier. It was enclosed in glass with vegetation all over and cute little fountains shooting water. 🙂

Aww Grandma! I love you, too!

Tired baby needs a nap, so grandma took the opportunity to snuggle her

And then grandpa started teasing her with chips! Naughty!

The three generations!

Under the shooting water fountains

Daddy was helping her look at the shooting water. Look how big her eyes are!! 😀 She was fascinated.

My parents!

Our little family!

Then it was off to the rides! Or, THE ride, more appropriately. There is a huge ferris wheel at the Navy Pier, so Alex and I decided that we would go on it. 🙂 Grandma and grandpa stayed down at the bottom with Madeleine and the stroller since she’d fallen asleep at that point.

See the sign?


Standing beneath the ferris wheel, waiting to get on

Going up! See the water behind us?

The view! The pier is directly below us and the city is in the background.

We were just up in that! Wowza!

And then we walked the length of the pier, had some churros and enjoyed the lovely weather! 🙂


Cute little lighthouse!

At the end of the pier with the hubs.

And with my parents. 🙂

So that was it! Our day at the pier! Fun was had by all, grandma got to stroll with the baby girl and all of us enjoyed the scenery and sunshine.



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2 responses to “The Navy Pier

  1. grandma

    Iwant my baby back!! And the grandbaby too wouldn’t be bad either. Miss you all a lot! xoxo

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