Surgery, epic boots and baby

Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early. Why? Alex had a check-in time of 7:15 for his neck fusion surgery after many months of pain, physical therapy and frustration. Everything went very well, according to his surgeon, and he is now at home resting after spending a night in the hospital for monitoring. The funniest thing so far was when he came out of surgery and his surgeon was doing mobility tests, Alex came to and the first words out of his mouth were “my toes are badass!” His surgeon thought that was so funny, he came out and told me about it to make sure I told Alex when he was a bit more mentally “there”.

Alex recommended I take some photos while we were still in the hospital, so…here they are for your viewing pleasure.

He had a hard time talking after surgery, because his throat hurt from being intubated. However his pain from the herniated disk is basically gone! Yay!

A Okay!

Mommy and Baby just hanging out with daddy

Then, we had to leave last night because Madeleine hadn’t slept almost all day. She does not sleep well away from home, which is really too bad. I would have liked to have stayed at the hospital, but their staff is good and I knew he’d be in good hands.

The next day (this morning) we headed back to the hospital to  be with him until he was discharged.  When we arrived, he was mighty impressed with his “epic boots” and insisted I take a photo.

THE epic boots aka: anti-blood clotting cuffs

The patient. I couldn't keep his phone away from him. Yes, he's texting. Geesh!

Our little wiggle worm wanted to roll around on the floor. See how happy she is?? She kept getting grouchy being held and contained.

So there you have it. Surgery, epic boots and baby. When you read that post title, I bet you were confused how it all fit together, but it makes sense now, right??



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3 responses to “Surgery, epic boots and baby

  1. Jo

    Glad the surgery went well!

  2. grandma

    You are all troopers-and he looks good in boots! xo xo

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