A noticeable lack of blogging…

To all those in the blogosphere that have been wondering what happened to me, I must apologize.  In the weeks since we returned from Chicago, and during our time in Chicago, I was plagued with some sort of strange tummy bug. The doctor and I have yet to figure out what exactly it is/was that is/was wrong with me, however it has made getting things done a bit difficult. I was simply focusing on getting through the day and then going to bed early and/or caring for Alex and/or trying to find something to eat that did not make me ill.

So, hopefully tomorrow evening I will have time to put together Madeleine’s 8 month birthday post – the photo has been taken, but the post itself has not been written – as well as other posts about our time in Chicago with my parents and a misc. thing here or there since we’ve been home.

This month has been quite busy, but I do apologize for disappearing.  I do seem to be a bit better today, and am really hoping that I am on the road to recovery. I know a few of you read this blog regularly for your Madeleine fill, and I hate to disappoint.



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2 responses to “A noticeable lack of blogging…

  1. Jo

    Sad! I hope you feel better – I hate when I have something wrong with me that NO ONE can figure out. Hope it just goes away.

  2. grandma

    I love Maddy stories– hope you are all better soon! xoxo

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