Happy 8 Month Birthday!!

Happy 8 month birthday to our baby girl! Here we are with a whole ‘nother month passing. I apologize that this post is about a week late. However, the photo was taken on her actual birthday, so at least that was done on time.

8 Months Old!

Madeleine has had lots of fun things happen during her 7th month of life. Many firsts, a trip to see my parents, daddy had surgery (not that that was fun, but ya know…she had lots of people fawning all over her at the hospital) and the weather has finally turned to be more summer-ish. YAY!

So, what are those specific things that happened? Well, some of them haven’t even been blogged about yet, but let’s start from the beginning.

  • Madeleine had her first (and only!) real shower at the beginning of her 7th month.  Alex said that she seemed a bit confused and a tiny bit scared, so we have not done that since.
  • We visited with our mommy/baby friends at Mommy Group again!
  • We’ve been working on mastering the sippy cup, and she has gotten quite good at it. In fact, when she’s really thirsty she will even hold it herself. Although she has noticed that mommy and daddy drink out of glasses and/or water bottles and she thinks that is quite fun. So Alex and I have been teaching her to drink from those as well. She really seems proud of herself when she drinks that way!
  • She is quite fascinated with the way that her hands work and often explores new feelings and textures with her thumbs. We affectionately call this “thumb touching”.
  • We love to giggle back and forth with each other and play games to make the baby girl laugh. She is such a sweet-tempered baby that it’s not all that hard to do. Love her.
  • Madeleine took her very first plane trip all the way to Chicago!! She was a little angel on the plane and had charmed everyone around her. 😀
  • While in Chicago, Madeleine had her first visit to the zoo! It was a beautiful day (although very hot!) and she saw all sorts of fun animals. I think her favorite was the fruit bat. 🙂
  • We also took a trip downtown to see the Navy Pier. Madeleine is quite the sight-seer.
  • Madeleine got to go for her very first swim..with her adorable little swim suit! 🙂 Oh my goodness was she cute splashing about in the water.
  • Daddy had surgery for his herniated disk in his neck, so Madeleine and mommy spent a lot of time at the hospital the day of and the day after surgery.
  • The separation anxiety has been getting worse, as well. There are times when I cannot even leave the room or disappear into the bathroom when Madeleine is with her daddy without her dissolving into a fit of hysterics. I guess I can’t blame her. She is with me pretty much every day, all  day. I’m what she’s used to, but still. It’s her dad!

And then…I was sick. So there are several posts I need to catch up on. What are they?? I’ll give you a little insight now!

  • Madeleine has been babbling all sorts of things. For a while she was only saying “Dada”, but now that has switched to “mama”.  She also says “gaga” and “baba” and “nana”. Hiiii is still in there every so often as well. And then other times it’s a huge jumble of syllables that I couldn’t possibly try to reproduce here.
  • She is thisclose to crawling and has managed to scoot herself forward a tad. She can get her legs up under her, but has not yet figured out how to coordinate her front half with her back half – but boy oh boy does she try. She is very good at squirming around, turning in a circle and lunging from a sitting position up onto my legs.
  • She attended her first baby shower for the Blana Babies. We will soon have two new babies to ogle!
  • Daddy took her to the park for her first opportunity to swing.  She has done a little swinging before, but not the way daddy swings her. She starts giggling immediately. It is SO cute!
  • She has quite the list of solids that she can now eat. All sorts of fruits and veggies. Peaches seem to be a particular favorite. But she also loves blueberries, apples, pears, etc.
  • We believe she has been teething as well. Her temperament is not quite as sweet as normal. She has a heck of a time going down for naps/bed time at times, and about half of the time she wakes up with a huge puddle of drool on the sheet. My goodness! It’s been going on for a few weeks now, so we’re hoping they pop through here soon and get her some relief.
  • She’s even getting the hang of waving!! It is soo cute! If someone waves goodbye to her, she’ll start flapping her arm (sometimes…not every time yet, but she’s getting better).
  • We have also been teaching her baby sign language. We’ve been working mostly on “Milk” “all done” and “more”.  I’m not sure if she’s getting it, because she doesn’t imitate the signs yet, but she does grin when  I do the milk and more signs. The all-done sign tends to make her upset since it usually means the end of story time before bed.
  • Unfortunately, we have not made it to story time at the library in the last month, but we will be going again tomorrow!
  • Madeleine also had her first trip to the ER for mommy, who had severe pain from what the doctor believes is/was a burst ovarian cyst.  Ouch!

And now we have pictures!

I did my photoshop editing on this one, isn’t it darling??

Mmmm! Yummy hand!


She is just so darling.

Oh my!

Big ole' grins!

Again, so darling!

Trying to figure out her Johnny Jumper..still. LOL


Such concentration!

I'm not sure what that face is, but it's hilarious!

So there ya have it! Our baby girl is officially 8 months (and 7 days) old.



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2 responses to “Happy 8 Month Birthday!!

  1. grandma

    She is just darling. And so lucky to have such loving parents! Alex looks very happy, and I know you are. xoxo j

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