Happy (belated) Father’s Day!

Last weekend we celebrated Alex’s first father’s day.  We didn’t do anything too crazy since he was still recovering from his surgery, but Madeleine and I went out and found daddy a new novel and then I brought her home to help me decorate the ‘wrapping paper’. This was home-made, but I wanted  something she could contribute to her daddy that he’d find memorable and sweet.

Mommy did the writing, and Baby Madeleine helped make all the little orange and blue squiggles!

I held the marker in her little hand and she went to town. 😀 In fact, I think she started to notice that she was making things  happen on the paper, because she would mark with the marker, stop, look at it, then do it again, stop, look at it. Hehe! It was darling.

Then it was time to take it in to daddy!

Oooh! A book!

And then it was time to roll around and crinkle the paper! Hehehe!

Happy first father’s day to my sweetheart! 😀


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