We have movement!

Madeleine has been trying to crawl for some time now. She started pushing up on her hands, then that resulted in pushing backwards, and most recently she would squirm along the ground, trying like crazy to get forward movement. However she just couldn’t seem to figure out how to coordinate pushing with her legs and moving with her arms. Until the other day. That’s right folks I now have a crawler (or low-crawling-ground-wiggler) on my hands. It is just about the most awkward, adorable thing I have seen her do yet!

I even captured it on video for evidence! Pay close attention to the cute little grunts she makes each time she lunges forward. This moving stuff is hard work! 😀 Click Here For the Video!
I also find it quite adorable that every time she gets a toy, she rolls back onto her back. Such a cutie-pie!
So now that we have movement, baby proofing must begin. I will post photos in another post, but I spent the day 2 days ago baby proofing her bedroom. Which meant moving the extra twin bed into the garage for storage, rather than up against her wall (whoever thought that was a good idea…?). I also re-organized her closet to make room for the mattress so the cats wouldn’t destroy it in the garage and added outlet covers to all the open outlets. Now we play/crawl in her room – for the most part. Downstairs is going to take a considerable amount of work to baby proof, so it’s the next on my list!

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  1. grandma

    such a good little crawler, even with the hiccups! Daddy liked the video too. xo xo j

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