Happy Birthday, America!

Today is July 4th. Another year of Freedom has passed. Today was yet another dreary day in Western Washington, but it didn’t hinder Madeleine’s patriotic attire (thanks to Alex’s mom!).

First, some photos (slightly brightened since the light today wasn’t great for photo taking).  Excuse the slight blurriness. Again, not great lighting = slower shutter speed  = blurry photos. But Madeleine looks cute, as always.

Yess! I have my Sophie the Giraffe!


Mommy loves this photo!

And now for the black and white edits!

Then Alex’s dad, Joan and Trevor came over to see Madeleine since they were already up in Redmond for the day.  Given Alex’s work schedule, we just had a quick visit, but it was good to see them and they hadn’t seen Madeleine in a couple of months. Stranger anxiety is in full force and we had a scared baby a few times, but towards the end of the visit, she had warmed up to them.

Checkin' out grandpa

Grandpa's glasses were the coolest, most fun toy, ever!

With uncle Trevor!

Happy 4th, everyone!!!


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One response to “Happy Birthday, America!

  1. grandma

    Love the photos- she is so cute! And glad you had visistors-in familiar surroundings she should feel more comfortable faster. Got to get her sociable so you can host all those after school parties in the years to come. xoxo

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