Baby’s first bonk

With Madeleine crawling around now, I anticipate many little bumps and bonks in the future. Up until now it wasn’t really something to worry about because she couldn’t move herself.

And then, the other morning, it happened. She was cruising around her room and BONK. She misjudged the distance to between herself and her crib and she crawled right into the crib with her little lunge movement. 😦 Wait for it…then there was crying. Poor baby!! It’s the first little bump that left a mark and she had a little red spot on her head still later that morning. It doesn’t show up all that well in these photos, but trust me, it’s there. On her right side, forehead.

Do you feel soooo bad for me!?

So cute

On a side note: She's also found her nostrils lately!! LOL

Beautiful blue eyes

Bye bye!!


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One response to “Baby’s first bonk

  1. grandma

    Poor baby—but sweet pictures. At least something soft and cuddly that can’t go bonk should be arriving shortly. xo xo

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