That’s right, it is hot. Blazing hot. As in, just sitting here writing this post, I am sticky and sweating. Western Washington is not made to be this hot. Not many of our houses have AC, and our house certainly doesn’t.

So, yesterday Madeleine and I met Alex at the mall and spent our evening there. Ahhhh, lovely coolness. Madeleine actually started shivering at dinner. Haha! It was beyond adorable.

Today we were trying to decide what to do to deal with the heat and Alex suggested we run through the sprinkler. What? That could be interesting. Being unsure if Madeleine would like it or not, I slathered her in sunscreen, put her swimsuit on and out we went! At first she seemed  a bit confused, however, once she realized it was fun she started kicking her legs and flapping her arms! She loved it!!

On our way in from outside, daddy took a picture of us. 🙂


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