Derby Days 2010

This weekend we met my friend Jamie down at Derby Days for some fair food and sunshine fun! I took a blanket with us and got both of us all slathered in sun screen (are we noticing a trend here?) and we headed out to meet Jamie.  First stop after we met up with her was the food tents. Yum! Then we found some nice shade under a tree and I laid down the blanket for us to eat.

Picnic time!

But after lunch and some chit chatting, I had to get Jamie back to her tent because her lunch break was over. 😦 Boo!

Me, Jamie and Madeleine!

Madeleine and I wandered around a little bit after that and then bought a funnel cake to take home to daddy. 🙂 She enjoyed her time at Derby Days, but I know it’ll be even more fun for her next year when she can run around and play in the sprinklers, sand box, bouncy slides, etc.



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2 responses to “Derby Days 2010

  1. grandma

    Exciting day for baby… was she too tired to star in a raggedy ann video? 🙂

  2. Jamie

    YAY! 🙂 We need to do something again soon!

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