Monday’s Mommy Tips – teething

Since we’re going through teething right now (who knew it took so darn long for teeth to pop through!?!?) I felt that a teething tip was appropriate.

So most of you moms have probably seen those liquid filled teethers, right? The thought is that you’re supposed to put them in the fridge and get them cold and then baby chews on them and it soothes their gums. Well, something  about them Madeleine doesn’t like. Maybe the taste? I’m not sure.

Instead, another mom recommended sticking a wet washcloth in the freezer, waiting for it to freeze and then using that.  It works like a charm! Madeleine loves chewing on it and when she’s super fussy, it calms her down. Perfecto!!



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2 responses to “Monday’s Mommy Tips – teething

  1. Jo

    Ah yes! That was a life saver for us in early teething, plus super easy. Also those softer squishy teething ‘rings’ aren’t able to be used once a tooth pops through since they can puncture it after that. Aiden when he was much older bit right through it, after finding it in a drawer ‘put away’ – silly boy. 🙂

    I also recommend the ‘Sassy’ teething toys that are shaped like a snail, hippo, and a turtle. They are a LOT thinner than a lot of the teethers so it was easier to get in their little mouth. (they have had them at BRU in the past, but I can’t find a link for there.)

  2. grandma

    And lucky for her-teething in the summer months the cold clothe should help cool her off too! xo xo

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