7/25/2010 Update

Many people are asking how Madeleine is doing today, so I figured I’d update here and just direct everyone to the blog for future updates since it is so tough for me to update everyone individually while still tending to her.

She likes the tubes. Evidently they are great fun.

She slept through much of the night after her surgery and had her 2nd dose of chemo this morning. I slept through it and she handled it much better.  I think she even slept through it. She woke up this morning almost back to her old self. Smiling and chit chatting and cute as ever. She also seems to be regaining some strength in her left leg. She moved/has been moving her legs on her own. Granted, nowhere near back to normal, but better than the floppy legs she had when we came to the ER. The neuro surgeon came in when I told her Madeleine had been moving them and she said she does feel that her left leg has more strength.  So, good news today!! I am thinking she has more strength in her lower torso as well, which had disappeared since she lost the ability to hold herself up sitting unassisted. We sat on the hospital bed and read and she held herself up better than she has been, but still not back to the way she had originally before this all started.

She has had two meals of solid foods thus far and will have her third after this nap, so she’s back to eating regularly.  We have been reading books brought to us by Alex’s mom, she’s been playing with toys and stuffed animals and is generally in good spirits until she gets tired again. They warned us that the steriod they’ve been giving her will make her more fussy than normal, but she is truly so cheerful up until she gets tired. That makes me really happy. She is such a trooper.

She won’t sleep for me, so I have to leave and let the nurse stand with her. She’ll go to sleep for the nurse, stubborn girl. She just wants to play with her mama. So I am in the family resource center up 2 floors from the cancer floor and they have computers and such that I can use. Alex is on his way back here right now after going home to nap.

From here on out we have one more night of chemo (tonight) then tomorrow she’ll have more tests run to make certain that the tumor hasn’t shown up in her bone or lymph nodes, or anywhere else for that matter. Bone and lymph nodes are just more common. All these tests will help them determine what stage cancer it is. I am keeping my fingers crossed we’ll stay at stage two.

The oncologist today said he felt her survival rate was 90% or higher (as long as the tests don’t come back that it’s the higher risk version) and that he felt it hadn’t progressed very far, which is encouraging considering that the tumor is so large.

Again, with the tubes. haha!

So, onward and upward. It’s all starting to hit me that this is real, so there’s been lots and lots of tears today, especially since Alex is home and I’ve just had time to myself to sit here and think about my poor baby and the implications of all of this. Thank goodness for B coming to take my mind off of it.

Again, I will be updating here and will call/text as will Alex when we can. Please don’t feel as though we are ignoring you if we don’t get back to you. My phone has been flooded with texts so I may miss some in my attempt to get back to people, but my priority right now is Madeleine and spending as much time loving on her as possible. I figured the blog was a good place to keep people updated though.



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10 responses to “7/25/2010 Update

  1. grandma

    Thank you for updating… good news is always welcome. And pictures are reassuring. xo xo

  2. Kelly

    We’re thinking of all of you day and night. The blog update is wonderful of you to do! Rest up when you can. You and Alex are amazing.

    Continued good thoughts, Heather, Alex, and Madeleine! Even from way out here!!!

  3. Carrie

    Joelle told me about your situation. We met at her new year’s party a few years ago. Just wanted to let Madeline and your family are in my prayers!!

  4. Erica

    Keeping the prayers and good thoughts heading your way…

  5. Courtney

    My thoughts are continuously thinking about y’all! Please let me know if I can do anything long distance. 🙂 *hugs* to all of you!!

  6. You constantly remain in my thoughts and prayers. Sweet precious baby girl. I’m glad there is improvement, praise the Lord! Continued prayers.

    All my love.

  7. Liz

    Glad to hear your update, praying for you all!

  8. Danielle

    ❤ I have no words… just prayers..

  9. Aspen

    Thank you for the update. Poor Madeleine–it nearly makes me cry just to read about it. But I’m glad she’s handling it well! Will keep my eyes on this blog for updates.

  10. Rose

    You three are in my family’s prayers daily!

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