I am a happy mama

Today has been another good day. Our baby girl is doing so well!

When Alex got back to the hospital last night. She loved on him!

This morning she had an echo to make sure her heart function is working as it should. Then the doctors came by for rounds and said her urine output is very good. In fact, she was peeing through her diaper several times a day so they said she could stop the IV fluids. This means she is no longer on any tubes/wires/etc!!

She didn’t sleep as well last night, but still relatively good considering the nurse has to come and do vitals on her every so many hours.

3 generations

She will be on steroids for at least a month while they wait for the chemo to shrink the tumor enough to take pressure off the spinal cord. Thank goodness! I couldn’t sleep last night while worrying about what would happen when we went home and couldn’t give her IV steroids. They give it orally, which is happening now because she’s no longer on the IV drip.

Grandpa showed her the mirror, which she loved

Alex had a work meeting this morning, so a family friend came by to stay with me for a couple of hours. 🙂 Thank you Debbie! Steve stopped by this afternoon and then Karli dropped in as well. D stopped by with cupcakes for the parents (ie: US!) which was lovely also.

She is now moving her legs even more, this morning I saw some hip action and slight rolling (not all the way on to her side, but more than I’ve seen in almost a week).  There is some leg straightening at times, as well, which is very encouraging. There was none of that before, either. And she is so cheerful and happy.

Now that she's not attached to tubes, she gets to go for little walks around the floor!

The steroids are making her incredibly hungry so she is eating mountains of food compared to normal. I’m glad to see she seems to be feeling so well and is happy. Nothing better than a happy baby! I do wish she would let other people hold her a bit more. She’s definitely more clingy to me right now and it’s like a switch. Crying with other people (when she’s fussy) but stops when they give her to me. Soo, mama has her work cut out for her.



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9 responses to “I am a happy mama

  1. Mel

    Wonderful, wonderful update Heather. So happy to hear M is continuing to improve each day. We are all still praying hard for you all. Much love coming your way!

  2. Kelly

    This is such a happy update. 😀

  3. Sunny

    Thank you so much for the updates Heather! I love seeing the pictures and hearing that she is a happy baby. So many more good thoughts headed your way.

  4. Rose

    I’m so glad she’s still her happy self, for the most part. Such a hard thing to go through as a small child. Many prayers still coming your way!

  5. Erica

    YAY to be rid of the tubes! That will be so much more comfortable!! Still thinking about you all the time. Love ya.

  6. Annie

    This is a great update, Heather! Keep fighting, Madeleine! You have so many people praying for you and your mommy & daddy!

  7. Stacy

    Yay for another great update! Lots of hugs and love for you all!

  8. Mary

    What a great update! And no more tubes.yay! Praying for you guys

  9. Kristen

    Yay for another good update! God is good!

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