A quick update

Thought I’d update you all on the events of this morning. Madeleine is doing well. She is in good spirits, however the steroid they’re giving her is making her more fussy than normal and having a much harder time sleeping than normal. Last night was pretty rough, as she was up and had a really hard time going back down each time. She also refuses to let anyone else hold her/comfort her, including Alex. 😦

They tried to put another patient in her room since she’s in a double, but this mama bear asked them to please not if possible. So they found another room for that patient and now Madeleine should be able to sleep tonight. My fear was that with another person in her room that she would not sleep at all and would be a giant mess (along with her exhausted mommy).

Right now she is on the 4th floor having her bone scan done and I finally got a shower. The doctors were in this morning again for rounds and were still saying she’ll be discharged tomorrow. We will have her MIBG scan on Thursday and her follow-up at the hemoc clinic here at the hospital on Friday. Then she comes back for another test, which I cannot for the life of me remember what one it is, on Monday.

The doctor was happy with her movement in response to stimuli and another doctor sort of gasped and said “oh wow!” so that is encouraging. She is still moving more than she did last week and they said that it will slowly come back so it will take some time to see how much strength she’ll regain. For now, I remain quite hopeful and not as bleak as I was at first.

We are hoping to hear back on the tumor biopsy within the day or tomorrow morning to be sure they have diagnosed this tumor correctly. Again, they’re 90% sure they have…so I am anxious to hear those results.

Otherwise, it’s the same ‘ole same ‘ole. Hospital food, people coming in to check vitals every so often, steroid doses, family/friends visiting, etc. I feel like I’m living in an alternate reality at the moment. It will be good to go home tomorrow.


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  1. grandma

    It is looking up I think; and so good for you to be hopefully heading home tomorrow. Kisses around from us. xo xo

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