Is it a sign?

I want to keep posting fun things about Madeleine’s growth and development – aside from all the “C” talk. So, here is a more fun, lighthearted post than we’ve seen in the past week.

Random baby signing "more"

For the last couple of months, we’ve been using basic sign language with Madeleine. Words like “More” “all done” “Mommy” “Daddy” “water” etc. We tend to use “more” a lot, mostly when I’m feeding her. While we were at the doctor on Friday and the nutritionist was in the room with us, she said “I think Madeleine is signing ‘more’ to you!” I was feeding her some lunch and she took her thumb and was tapping it against her open palm on the other hand. The nutritionist has deaf parents and said she has seen a few kids sign “more” the way Madeleine was tapping her thumb to her palm, because they can’t quite coordinate well enough to do what you see in the above picture. Alex and I had noticed this funny new thing she was doing, but thought it was just further fascination with her thumb.

So, while I was feeding her, she would sign more and then I would feed her and then she would  clap. A very obvious clap, and very obviously different from “more”. I think my baby girl has figured out how to sign her first sign to us!! Now I just have to teach her other signs, but we’re on our way!

I have also taught her to high five in the last week, which is darling. And she occasionally throws both arms up with her palms to the sky in an “uh oh” pose. Hehehe. This is really really darling. She has started imitating us as well. If I stick my tongue out and run it back and forth across my upper lip, she does the same. Bwahaha!! We have fun little imitation time in this house lately.



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3 responses to “Is it a sign?

  1. Jo

    Yay to signing! It’s so exciting when they do it. So yay Madeleine!!!!

    We taught Aiden ‘milk’ and he signed that at 7 months. After that we introduced others. I was so excited he was able to communicate before he was able to talk. The ones we used were: eat, more, all done, water, milk, please, thank you, and a handful of others – but those were our favs. We also taught him our own version of ‘sorry’ since the official sign is too close to ‘please’

  2. Lynda Aiello

    I work with Karli, and am so sorry to hear about your beautiful little girl. I am a cancer survivor, and I want to say that absolutely the universe’s energy, all good thoughts, prayers and positive thinking work, because it worked for me. I will prayer for Madelyn and your family.

    God Bless,


  3. Kristen

    Yay Madeleine! They learn and grow so fast!

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