Today has been a great day

Today has been great!! We started out early this morning – left the house at 7am to make sure we made it on time to our 8:40am doctor’s appointment. They wanted to check Madeleine’s blood counts again. She was at a 24 for her red blood cell count on Friday and there was concern that she may need a transfusion today if she kept going down as fast as she had been. But today, she was at 26.5ish!!! The white blood cells and platelets had both dropped, but were still well above acceptable levels. So you know what that means?? No transfusion! PHEW!

I love putting her hair in little clips like this. 😀

We’ll be going back on Wednesday for more blood work and on Friday to meet with the RN again. Then depending how that goes, we’ll be in again on Monday, probably. Since we’re in the “critical” week for blood counts, we will be having a lot of blood work. The good news is that Madeleine doesn’t seem to mind too much. The worst part of it all for her is having to be awake for that long. Today she started falling asleep sitting up in her stroller – which is not something that happens with her normally.

She loves playing with her balloons!

Her next course of chemo is scheduled for August 17th with an overnight stay in the hospital until the 18th. Just one day this time, but 3 different chemo drugs. That’s one thing I’ve learned with all this. I had no idea there were so many different types of chemo. Then she’ll also get another drug that will protect her bladder because one of the types she’ll be getting tends to damage the bladder lining.

We should also be hearing from the physical therapist soon to start with that. This makes me happy. I want to start that as soon as we can so she can try to get as much strength back as possible.

Hi Mommy!!

In other news on the strength front – we are still seeing progress. Today I sat her up while we were playing on the floor and she sat unassisted for a couple of seconds! Granted, she was wiggling and wobbling, but she didn’t fall forward as she had been! WOOOHOOO! Instead it’s just like she’s learning to sit again. A bit wobbly, but I’m sure she’ll get there. The legs are still moving and are moving a little bit more frequently. She will stand, not bearing all of her weight, but keeping her legs straight. And she is sitting up in her high chair much better than before, when she would slump.

We also talked to her pediatrician today for the first time since all of this happened.  I updated him on the situation and he sounded incredibly positive about all of it. He said that seeing movement this soon was a very good sign. He is so great and supportive and obviously invests so much in his patients.

So, all good news. Nothing bad to report! 🙂



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4 responses to “Today has been a great day

  1. Jo

    Yay! Yay! Yay! 🙂 Go Madeleine go! So glad everything is positive. I’m so glad she’s a happy girl too!

  2. Debbie

    Heather & Alex,

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch since I was there to visit, but am so happy to hear Madelieine is doing better! You have an adorable little girl and I wish her and you two only the best! I’ll keep in touch.

  3. Lora

    yay Madeleine! I am so glad to hear that you guys are starting physical therapy…it definitely makes a difference for kids going through chemo, even those who have not lost movement…my daughter ended up receiving therapy on and off her entire chemo course, and afterwards too…it sounds like you are doing amazing, Heather…from a Cancer Mommy to a Cancer Mommy….you’re awesome.

  4. grandma

    You, Alex, and Maddy are all so brave and strong! Love you bunches-love good news! xo xo

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