We have teeth!

During all of this craziness over the last two weeks, we have had a very exciting development.  I had been thinking she was teething for a month and a half, almost 2 months. Turns out that crankiness was more likely related to the tumor causing pain, however she also has cut two teeth. 🙂 The first one cut through the morning that we took her to the pediatrician which resulted in the trip to the hospital. The second one started popping through a couple of days later.

They are still just a tiny bit above the surface of her gums, so when she smiles they’re hard to see. However they will be tall before we know it. Goodbye tooth-less grin. I will miss you!

My favorite gummy grin photo of all time.


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  1. Lora


    Funny cancer story…after my daughter went into remission, one night, she started running low grade fevers, and was very fussy, and I thought “This is it…we’re relapsing…” I went RUSHING to the hospital, sure as could be that we were relapsing…and she was teething. The residents looked at me like I was losing my mind. Two weeks later, it was an ear infection that sent me into the same tizzy! Two and a half YEARS later…I’m finally starting to relax! I can only wish the same for you…still praying for you, along your journey….


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