I haven’t posted this publicly, so thought I would – just to clear up any confusion.

We love our visitors and Madeleine especially loves seeing the friends that stop by, but we have to be very careful about infection. For this reason, we ask that if you have little ones and they are not fully vaccinated (i.e. following the recommended vaccination schedule) please find someone to stay with them at home or postpone your visit until you can find someone to stay with them at home.

Her chemotherapy reduces her white blood cell count, however, in addition to that, the steroid she is on makes her more prone to falling ill to infection. This includes chicken pox as well as other illnesses and rashes.

Similarly, if there is any risk that your child is sick or has been exposed to illness or infection, please stay at home until the risk has passed.

I hate to turn away visitors, because it is nice to see everyone, but as I’m sure you all understand, we just cannot risk her health right now.

Thanks for your understanding!



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4 responses to “Visitors

  1. Stacy

    Don’t be afraid to ask people to wear masks if you’re concerned. We had to do that with my mom at 1 point, but it was much more important to keep her safe then worry what people would say!

  2. grandma

    Maddy will thank you for taking such good care of her.

    Maddy is on a lot of prayer chains-do you know how many states? I know of WA, OR, ID, AZ, IL, DC, NC, UT… what others?

  3. Aspen

    It sounds reasonable to me. You can also ask people to wash their hands when they visit and before they play with Madeleine (like you do with newborns).

  4. Kelly

    You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone. If you aren’t comfortable with visitors, don’t hesitate to tell anyone that may be sick that another time will be better or that you are just to tired for company. People will understand that your days are long and the nights are even longer. You have to do what is best for you and, mostly, Madeleine. Much love to you all. Madeleine is so lucky to have a protective Mommy to watch over her and keep her safe.

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